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The result of our commitment to produce wines that are fresh, modern, friendly, smooth, elegant, capable of expressing the typicity of the fruit and the virtues of the terroir. Árido is an invitation to enjoy wine anywhere, anytime.

Our winery is located in Barrancas (district of Maipú), 30 km from Mendoza and in the vicinity of the Mendoza River gullies (Spanish barrancas, hence the town’s name). With poor and sandy soils and a wide temperature range, this wine region offers ideal agroclimatic conditions for the production of expressive wines, with good acidity and color, and ripe and elegant tannins.

Árido wines are entirely unoaked, fermented 100% in stainless steel tanks. This allows the bright fruit and true varietal character to shine through unmasked. All Árido wines are bottled under screwcap to preserve their freshness.